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Convert a Photoshop Mask into an accurate Path

Have you ever needed to create an accurate Path from a mask, or a merged down layer that has a transparent background? If so this article is for you guys, we use this in packaging work regularly. So whats the issue with just making a selection and creating a work path? The main issue is that generally its not that accurate and you end up with a jagged edge and a poor path.

Luckily I can tell you a way of making a work path much more accurate.

This guide is based on the assumption you have already have a pretty good mask to select from first but you would also like to create an accurate path from this.

Step 1: I would start off by creating a separate photoshop file from the original called ‘-resize’ at the end of it

Step 2: Once you have saved this new file out, navigate to Image > Image size and put resolution at 1200 dpi

Step 3: Give Photoshop a minute to recalculate and resize your image, if you have lots of layers this may take a while (I would recommend merging layers for your ‘-resize’ file)

Step 4: Make a selection of the layer you would like to create a path for

Step 5: Navigate to the Path box and select make a work path, I would say at around 1 px, but use your judgement depending on the image

Step 6: Double click your new path to change it from a work path to ‘Path 1’

Step 7: Go back to Menu > Image > Image size and resample your image back down to 300dpi

Step 8: Copy your newly made path from your ‘-resize’ psd to the original psd and there you go you have a very precise path to go from

NOTE: This is a good process for making accurate work paths from selections but I wouldn’t recommend using this for ultra fine detail like hair….I will be making another tutorial for hair selection using channels

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