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Category : Photoshop

08 Jul 2019

Frequency Separation on Food & Products!?

Frequency Separation on Food & Products, are you mad. A bit excessive dont you think? Well, actually no…. After spending many years retouching food for big household names I have found frequency separation an excellent technique for stubborn food and product retouch. When the usual cleanup methods; heal brush, cloning stamp etc dont work, I find that frequency separation combined with using the mixer brush on the low frequency layer works fantastic on food & product retouch, cleaning up the […]

01 Nov 2018

Convert a Photoshop Mask into an accurate Path

Have you ever needed to create an accurate Path from a mask, or a merged down layer that has a transparent background? If so this article is for you guys, we use this in packaging work regularly. So whats the issue with just making a selection and creating a work path? The main issue is that generally its not that accurate and you end up with a jagged edge and a poor path. Luckily I can tell you a way […]

07 Dec 2016

Focus Stack using Auto Align Layers

Have you ever spent ages manually aligning and scaling all your images in a focus stack, if so I would highly recommend the Auto align layers tool in Photoshop, no need to align and scale each one individually, let Photoshop do the leg work for you, saving valuable time and effort. Step 1: Bring all your Images into one Photoshop document Step 2: Select the layers you would like to focus stack/align Step 3: Navigate to your top Edit menu […]