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Category : Photoshop

08 Jul 2019

Frequency Separation on Food & Products

Now not everyone is a massive fan of Frequency Separation, mainly due to excessive or OTT use on Skin/Beauty work, however have you ever tried it on any other type of retouch work? I tend to use this on stubborn food and product retouch (when needed!), when the usual cleanup methods dont work I find that frequency separation combined with using the mixer brush on the low frequency layer works fantastic at smoothing out tone and texture without seeing that […]

01 Nov 2018

Create an accurate work path from a selection

We’ve all spent probably half our life pathing images as professional retouchers & photographers (unless your lucky enough to outsource). Sometimes we use selections and then create a work path to get the job done quicker, problem is work paths are generally not very accurate especially on more complex selections/shapes and can cause more problems then its worth. Lucky for you I can tell you a way of making a work path much more accurate. This guide is based on […]

07 Dec 2016

Auto Align Layers

Have you ever spent ages manually aligning and scaling all your images in a focus stack, if so I would highly recommend the Auto align layers tool, no need to align and scale each one individually, let Photoshop do the leg work for you, saving valuable time and effort. Step 1: Bring in all your Images into one Photoshop document Step 2: Select the layers you would like to focus stack/align Step 3: Navigate to your top Edit menu and […]