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Creative Retouch

After spending over 10 years in the industry I have tackled retouch projects with varying degree's of complexity. This in turn has allowed me to hone and sculpt the creative skill set I offer today as a freelance professional. My Creative Retouch services include;

  • Complex & Creative Image Composition
  • Detailed masking
  • Cut outs
  • Image clean up & enhancement
  • Colour Balance, Correction & Matching
  • Spot colours
  • Realistic Shadows & reflections

Creative Artwork

As an experienced Creative Artworker with a design background, I am able to not only look at a project from the design side but also at the varying technical aspects. Over the last few years in my career I have naturally gravitated towards Creative Adaptation/Roll out, which usually involves taking an existing master design and adapting it to New Variants, Lifestages, Pack Formats, Pack Sizes & Media. Creative Adaptation has become an increasingly popular option for large and small clients alike, giving greater control over quality, consistency and cost savings.

To view my full compliment of experience, feel free to visit my Linkedin profile.

Flexibility & Remote Working

As well as working onsite I manage a modest portfolio of my own remote clients.

If you ever need flexible working and quick turnaround on projects, remote working is a great option. I can tackle your projects using my fully equipped office to deliver projects on time without compromising on quality. Whether you have a one off project or a regular requirement for a remote freelancer, I am always happy to help were I can.

3D visualisation

Whether your a design agency wanting to create a visual mockup for a presentation or a brand owner wanting to showcase there products, 3D POS & Packshots can be a good alternative to photography. Using a mix of CGI modelling & photoshop can give fantastic results without the need for camera, lighting and equipment set up costs. Email me to find out more on the 3D services I offer.