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Creative Retouch

After over 10 years in the industry I have tackled retouch projects with varying degree's of complexity, this in turn has allowed me to hone and sculpt the skill set I offer today as a freelance professional. My Creative Retouch skill set includes;

  • Complex & Creative Image Composition
  • Detailed masking
  • Cut outs
  • Image clean up & enhancement
  • Colour Balance, Correction & Matching
  • Spot colours
  • Realistic Shadows & reflections

Creative Artwork

As an experienced Creative Artworker with a design background, I am able to not only look at a project from the design side but also at the varying technical aspects. Over the last few years in my career I have naturally gravitated towards Creative Adaptation/Roll out, which usually involves taking an existing master design and adapting it to New Variants, Lifestages, Pack Formats, Pack Sizes & Media. Creative Adaptation has become an increasingly popular option for large and small clients alike, giving greater control over quality, consistency and cost savings.

Flexibility & Remote Working

If you ever need flexible working and quick turnaround on projects, remote working is a great option. I can tackle your projects using my fully kitted out office to deliver projects on time without compromising on quality. Whether you have a one off project or a regular requirement for a remote freelancer, I am always happy to help were I can.

3D visualisation

Whether your a design agency wanting to create a visual mockup for a presentation or a retailer wanting to showcase there products, 3D POS & Packshots can be a good alternative to photography. Using a mix of CGI modelling & photoshop can give fantastic results without the need for camera, lighting and equipment set up costs. Email me to find out more on the 3D services I offer.