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Frequency Separation on Food & Products!?

Frequency Separation on Food & Products, are you mad. A bit excessive dont you think?

Well, actually no....

After spending many years retouching food for big household names I have found frequency separation an excellent technique for stubborn food and product retouch. When the usual cleanup methods; heal brush, cloning stamp etc dont work, I find that frequency separation combined with using the mixer brush on the low frequency layer works fantastic on food & product retouch, cleaning up the texture and smoothing out tone without seeing that repetition or patchiness from other methods.

Give it a try next time your having difficulty removing something.

Excellent for:

  • Glass and bottle work, keeping highlights clean and looking there best
  • Branding removal
  • Reducing and removing highlights
  • Smoothing kinks and wrinkles

Why not take a look at how I've used it on my own retouch work.

Want to learn a bit more about it, check out this great video from SquareMountain;

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