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Freelance Retoucher Yorkshire

With over 15 years experience under my belt as a Freelance Retoucher, I have tackled retouch projects with varying degree's of complexity. Ranging from basic cleanup to complex compositions, large and small projects, local and international. In this current age of remote working I'm able to provide services to many different clients dotted throughout the UK and internationally.

The process

Each project I take on is treated the same, the brief is carefully read and understood, questions asked if needed, every detail is meticulously polished, using tried and tested techniques to create seamless retouch alterations.

Onsite or Remote

In addition to working onsite on larger projects I also manage a small portfolio of my own clients, offering flexible remote services from my own studio, fully equipped with colour calibrated monitors, latest Adobe software, Wacom tablet and Huion Kamvas for my more detailed composite work.

What brands have I worked on..

My portfolio showcases a wide selection of the world renowned brands I have worked with over the last decade. Providing pixel polished retouch for product, food, lifestyle, packaging, key visual and advertising composition work.

Continuous Learner

I would love to tell you I know everything about everything but like all professions its a continual process of learning (and anyone that tells you otherwise is telling you some porkies). This is why as a Freelance Retoucher, I regularly take the time to study the latest retouch, lighting and photography techniques and practices, ensuring my knowledge and skillset is at the top of its game. By doing this year on year I can continually improve and in turn provide the excellent quality that you the client deserve.

Work History

To view my full compliment of experience, feel free to visit my Linkedin profile.

Need several images creating into a seamless digital composition? Why not get in touch to discuss your project. Check out my Digital Composite section for great examples of what I have created for my clients.